12 Things that a psychology student wants to share with the world .

As I plan to make psychology my partner in life , there are a few things that as a student studying the subject want to share with the world . These instances are unique to people in the field and each one located in the spectrum can fairly resonate with the idea that I want to convey .

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Given below are the few “Struggles that only a psychology student can get “

1) Common people !! We do not read minds .

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The worst of all is the situation when your junior walks up to you and says ,” you are a psychologist ( practically we are yet not ) tell me what is in my mind ”
How will we know what is going on in his mind  , what if he is humming some ed sheeran song or thinking about his long lost love( who knows ).  What we can do is practically suggest a behaviour pattern and thought process not their preferable daydreams .

2) We cannot stop analyzing people .

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One definite fact is this , we simply cannot stop reading people and labelling them.
” He is an extrovert , he is not .”
“She has high spatial intelligence .”
“You fear this ”
Practically this habit becomes a part of our genetic makeup 😛 . So yeah we are crazy Sherlock fans.

3) Anything new we learn , we are crazy about implementing that .

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Be it some IQ test or a personality questionnaire  we are always on a go to implement it on ourselves and on others as well .
So are you a nuerotic or emotionally stable .

4 )We cannot stop labelling others with a disorder .

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Any person walking past us has one childhood problem and a resulting psychological disorder .
So we don’t leave even our siblings and teachers too 😛
5) We know we have at least all the disorders in their simplest form .

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So we don’t just stop the labelling drama by subjecting others with a syndrome coming in radar , we consider ourselves equally worthy to be a part of the scheme . While some of my friends have bipolar mood disorder , I feel I am more schizophrenic ( kidding )😂😂😂

6 ) We try to justify each law on the basis of psychology .

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Be it biological aberrations or a simple misunderstanding , we exactly know how things went up . Perhaps the person was too stressed to look at the purview and the other person may be simply more frustated and hence the incident took place .

7) We hate when people confuse a psychologist and a psychiatrist .

So yeah when people as me what I want to pursue I tell psychology and then they zap a random of how a psychiatrist cured their so and so relative and wishes me to become the same . I then have hard time explaining them how I cannot be a psychiatrist and what is the difference .

8 ) We cannot make people realize that we dont have a magic wand .
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We are definately not Hermione granger or harry potter who can particularly cure and solve everything in one go . We just have skills to listen to people and some scientific solutions to a particular situation not a magic wand that solves everything in a go.

9) We cannot stop relating to a particular psychologist.

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Well this may not be true for all but yes there is one psychologist who appears out of the blue and we feel we are exactly like him or her .

10) We hate when people say ,”even I can read people “

True some people have skills for judgement and forsight but reading people is a scientific analysis and not some common sensical perceptions .

11) We too have abundance of emotions .

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We can’t have emotions and we can’t share feelings just because we study psycology .
This happens particularly with moms.

12) We hate it when people turn sexist over the subject ..

“Psychology is only taken by girls ”
I hate this comment like hell
Most of psychologists are males be it Freud or Hung . People just presume that females have too much empathy and can go on with the softer stuff . This is actually a hard field. relating to people .

Happiness , unhappiness and life decoded. ….

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Hello everyone , it has been long that I have posted as I was busy with the formal examination . Thankyou for the continued support .

The next post is one realisation that dawned on me at the dusk of my examination …

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Reviewing the examination 🙂 

Unhappy is everybody o Nanak …..

When life and time meet , they plan such a test that even the brightest of its student’s fail to set upon the vivid and humoungous exam simply because the syllabus is unknown .
This uncertainty embedded in the character of the universal mechanism makes it a hated enemy and the cause of worry of fate and fortune . Things go crashing when the failure strikes us repeatedly not because the level of tests increases but because we never really learn a lesson about our failure and implement it in the next exam .
This drives suffering which forces us to think of the theory of karma and Destiny with proponents claiming their own point . People then thoroughly ask about the ways of either hacking suffering or simply ignoring them or ways of passing the examination .
If we go by the latter it is the most convenient one to answer , since the universal pattern remains the same that is -whatever be the syllabi somebody must have got only a part of the whole syllabus . So the catch is to learn from everybody and everything . This means that even when the level increases as it does subsequently we are fuelled with enough resources to survive with some sober scores if not distinction let alone merit .

But if we look at the former two , they both hold the questions of the world’s pain and suffering .
The question stands quiet clear —how do we eliminate the pain when it strikes us when we aren’t really ready . The catch is in the examination itself , so there is true sense in moving on because when you repeatedly give the exam , you get to know the pattern , so when the real final exam comes ,  you simply know atleast 80 percent of it . The bare knowledge makes you wise to comment and analyse . The lack of the same forces you to judge .
Because when people know all facts they can never make a judgement simply because they know somewhere down the line there is some more to come .

So when the line starts unhappy is all world oh Nanak it justifies the whole essence of existense and theories of cosmos in just few words .

Knowing just about existense will not solve the problem as the line follows , knowing about death is equally important . The catch is moving on is not the only key , the lock opens with another that is death which embodies stillness .

In the balance of movement and stillness, life thrives every moment and is merged with time .
So when you know it both you know the syllabi , when you know the syllabus you will pass the test. But alas to know it all you have to know the pattern of the examination .
And so you evolve untill you cover the whole universe and finally redeem into true happiness which is the only aim you have been living henceforth .

No trick can redeem you ,
No pain can hurt you
No test can harm you

Till the time you know the exact balance of time and space and truly life ………

Charvi tandon ……


P.S : if you have any questions do post it down in the comment section .


A letter from the water to the moon…..

Our world is filled with love and life , the greatest example for the same for me is the water and moon . The following is a small thought from the waves that always move to the moon which never stops ..

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The Letter

I fell in love with the gigantic powerful beats of the reflected light that touches every inch in my body driving it to solace and ecstasy .Every breathe that I took as the elixure of my life dropped swiftly very swiftly on my banks and I looked at it in bewilderment and tried to melt into its essence , disolving every inch of my body with its serene magnificence and malinating every droplet to the core with that source which raised the levels of night for me .
I felt goosebumps , shivers crept all over my body as his lovely hands touched my gentle face which melted into the moment of delight sending sparks all over my body . My legs felt a tinkering , my hands were jammed , my body was in a state of bliss and mind was revolving on a upward state of consiousness , unaware of anything else in the world of supreme .
That delight that I got as that touch poured out warmth , I wanted to cuddle to an extent that no source of energy could break us apart .
My curls flung over my gentle face and the wind hastened the process of pleasure which pleased me by and by , another blow and I am gone. The happiness I felt was beyond any form of matter that was ever found in the plantery system . It seemed the world is over and out for me . I breathed , taking in the fragrance of the scene into my waves which felt even more binding . For me world and time stopped over , as the light moved forward to touch my other cheek , tears flushed out from my delicate eyes , gazing sand beneathe, which quietly relocated itself to provide warmth and finally…. finally our bodies met in completion and the energy that rose out of the union bound the earth into an aroma which was hard to forbade , hard to take in .
But alas , but alas ……..My destiny doesn’t favour my feelings , my fate seems to be so overpowering . A moment before I felt a soft touch on my lips that were drying of being untouched for days , for months . And now everything vanished , it’s the cruelty of the maker to let me survive in wait , in desolution , in patience . My eyes do open only to shed the unsung stories of my love which is bound by duties of mankind , duties of the atmosphere , duties of the universe . I feel constrained in my moment , my moment seems to kill me everytime I seem to separate from that light which completes me over and over . Alas , who hears my silent cries that I hid to uphold my sisters who fight the same misery , may be at a lesser level . For that sister who burns and feel brutalized , the fire, for that sister that blows and feels terrified, the wind and for that sister that sustains and feels broken the earth .
For the world is much more fair to life of the inmates , we as it’s creaters suffer the biggest torchure of time .
For who asks my gentle waves how was its journey , I never die out , I never stop , my flow kills me , and the movement of my beloved moon makes me lifeless . And still you could find my heart dedicating to the world for I should never leave my gentleness for duties are bigger than dynamics , for devotion is bigger than diversion , for dillemas are bigger than dillusions and I face all and crave for none.
And some call me impatient , the irony is from where the true love flows that source is said to be most cruel .
Alas, silently suffer all ……..

Love water



Ps : share your thoughts with me

Awards !!!!!

I thought I will title the post award flow but then I told myself don’t get obsessed with flow , concentrate on stock !!!

First of all I would like to thank all the readers and followers of my blog your support is the biggest award I get everyday 🙂 .

Coming to the awards , I would like to thank Jothish joseph  for nominating me two awards !! He writes too well and all his posts are like a fresh breath which put you to think . Do check up.

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3 facts about me

  1. I love adventures , if given a chance will love to visit every corner of the world .
  2. I am simple on the inside out , complexity lies in my perception so both become my equal parts
  3. I connect to the element of water



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1)One thing you don’t like about yourself?

Perhaps the fact that cannot say no to any request

2) What is the first thing you do on waking up in the morning?

check up the newspaper , one thing I cannot stay without

3)If you get an envelope with everything written about your future, would you open it?

no I won’t , I would love to live with surprises and twists .

4)Happiest moment of your life?

every moment , when I can make others smile

5)If you had the choice to fast forward or rewind your life, what would you do and why?

umm , I would peharps stay in present with lessons of the past and try to get wisdom of the future .


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Reality of existence



What’s truth of loosing? 

I have lost blood
Not my thought

I have lost energy
Not my will

I have lost health
Not my wealth

I have lost thirst
Not my truth

I have lost the heart
Not my trust

I have lost the answer
Not the reason

I have lost the gem
Not the earth

I have lost the time
Not the waves

I have lost my feeling
Not my touch

I have lost the equilibrium
Not the balance

I have lost the dance
Not the tunes

I have lost the tears
Not my eyes

I have lost the sequence
Not the sentence

I have lost the path
Not the pretense

I have lost the sense
Not the life

I have lost it all
And yet I survive

Because what is lost is illusion
What is kept is dillusion

What I am is the present
What I was is the past

Other than that
Everything that survives , is the reality that thrives

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Waves meet the rocks , the balance intended….

Hello everyone ! Was busy with my routine exams and I guess this trend is going to continue for a little longer .

This is one thought which popped up like a speedy fall out , it’s simple but true , it’s balance ,it’s heard by few .

The nature seems to inspire me into everything and here is a small conversation between the waves which could be related to your unsteady life and mind




I grew particularly disatisfied
My mind hadn’t really been working and I was irritated at my inability to move .
I was struck and the most I hated about my own self was this stagnated stage that popped every now and then while I tried to cross down a certain rock who tried to romance with my thin curls almost in its most proactive and charged way .
I perhaps have no interest in meeting these supercharged bodies who have their own whims and fancies and don’t really have any regard for those willing to move .
Stone faced and stone hearts no way they could turn into porous rocks which allow me to move by .
“But isn’t this a part of life ” cried my dear friend
Ofcourse it is , who denies the fact
And i know my screeching is useless and honestly vain , afterall things dont come to you when you want them , things come to you when you are desrving and worthy or when you are made worthy of achieving the better .
But but but….
That means I deserve the rocks who want to find their better parts in me physically .

friend : Look at it differently , they deserve the waves beacause they are being taught the lesson of persistence and you deserve them because you learn patience.
It’s balance , it’s truth .


Ps: drop down your views and queries

Thankyou ☺